Yoga Guide: South Bay San Diego

With close to 500,000 people, San Diego’s South Bay region encompasses a large part of the county.  San Diego’s South Bay has a lot to offer. From the the Chula Vista Bayfront views, to sunsets at the Imperial Beach Boardwalk, and the vast wetlands of the Tijuana Estuary, there is plenty to do in this region! Considering adding one of these local classes to your schedule.

Chula Vista boasts the most offerings by far, but we are excited that there are some studios in Imperial Beach as well. Similar to East County, gyms and the YMCAs are another option for communities that don’t have studios. Also considering check out our events calendar for other opportunities from individual teachers.

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If we missed a studio, please let us know as we would love to build an inclusive list.


Chula Vista

Imperial Beach

San Ysidro

Yandara Yoga Institute

Yandara is located in San Ysidro but offers a wide variety of international Yoga Teacher Trainings.

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