Yoga in the Gardens: San Diego Gardens that Offer Yoga

Get in Touch with Your Roots

As residents of Southern California, we are fortunate that outdoor yoga in gardens is accessible year-round. 

Even if we need extra layers at certain times of the year, there are plenty of opportunities to practice surrounded by nature all year long!  For a unique outdoor yoga experience, take a look at these Yoga in the Gardens opportunities! 

From East County to Vista, these public gardens offer a dose of botanical goodness and connection to Mother Earth as you practice. Soak in the abundance of nature and fresh air while practicing in asana and pranayama.

This 14 acre interactive garden hosts Saturday morning yoga on the Heritage Rose Garden lawn. Their Gentle Flow class places emphasis on seated breathing and flowing poses.

Photo Courtesy of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the many walking trails after class where you can also see the sculptures and art on display. Alta Vista also hosts workshops and events that encourage you to disconnect from our digital reality and embrace the solitude of nature.

When: Thursday and Saturday Mornings 9:30-10:30 AM    

Class Fee: $10 drop in for Garden Members/ $15 for non-members; please bring your own mat.

Contact Louise or Shelly for schedule updates and weekly reminders!

The garden is inspired from centuries-old Japanese design with a purpose to enhance appreciation and understanding of Japanese culture. In addition to the plethora of cultural events & workshops offered, this traditional Japanese Garden in the heart of San Diego also hosts a wonderful mix of mindful yoga and wellness classes. You can sign up for weekly yoga in the gardens classes, reiki, and sound healing, Qigong, and more! 

Photo Credit: Dominic Nepomuceno. Photo Courtesy of Japanese Friendship Garden

When: Check out their schedule for upcoming yoga, breathwork, and sound meditation classes. Yoga classes are weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. 

Class Fees: Prices range from $9 to $25 for Members and $13 to $30 for Non-Members

Sprawling across 37 acres is a botanical paradise of trails and gardens representing a vast collection of foliage from native California to countries such as Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa and more. Yoga at the San Diego Botanical Garden is performed in the middle of this oasis, providing a calm environment for you to restore and recharge. 

When: Check out their schedule for upcoming yoga, meditation, and sound healing classes.

Class Fees: Prices range from $10 to $12 for Members and $12 to $28 for Non-Members

This hidden gem in East County places an important emphasis on educating visitors about water conservation and sustainable gardening practices. Their weekly yoga schedule includes classes like Gentle Flow and Mindfulness to workout-focused sequences and a family friendly option.  Consider taking their Nature Therapy Experience for a unique guided stroll through the garden.


When: Check out their schedule for upcoming yoga, meditation, and sound healing classes. The Garden hosts many events. Including a 1-day Yoga Retreat on Saturday, April 24th.

Class Fees: Free for Members and $12 for Non-Members 

While there are no yoga classes offered here, this oceanfront temple in Encinitas is worth a visit if you haven’t been.  There are weekly Inspirational Services offered at the temple, plus a free meditation garden designed by the late founder Paramahansa Yogananda. Wander through the gardens and discover meditation nooks, koi ponds, and stunning ocean views. 

Look out to the Pacific Ocean at SRF Encinitas.

When: Inspirational Services are held on Sundays from 9:30am to 10:30am and 11:00am to 12:00pm; Thursdays from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. Check out their schedule for more details.

Class Fees: Free for all