pregnant woman sitting in butterfly pose on a yoga mat holding her pregnant belly.

Prenatal Yoga in San Diego

Prenatal yoga is a specific style of yoga which adapts postures and sequences to serve pregnant folks. While carrying a child in utero, pregnant bodies are shifting, moving, and growing in unique ways. As the body makes space for and nourishes the growing fetus, prenatal yoga can be an immensely helpful practice to alleviate aches and pains, strengthen key muscle groups, and reduce stress and anxiety. San Diego Yoga News is lucky enough to have two San Diego prenatal yoga teachers who are experienced in supporting pregnant yogis contribute to this post!

Meet Kelly Dalrymple

Kelly Dalrymple is a San Diego-based yoga teacher, Doula, and activist. Kelly’s work in birthing and prenatal spaces include workshops, group yoga classes, birthing advocate and Doula services, and prenatal yoga.

Kelly’s teaching schedule:

Tuesdays: 5:00pm Prenatal: yoga, meditation, and connection for mamas to be, Sojourn Healing Collective

7:00pm Recover & Restore: restorative yin yang yoga (in-person and virtual), Sojourn Healing Collective in Golden Hill

Wednesdays: 5:30pm Flow: all levels flow, Sojourn Healing Collective in Golden Hill

Saturdays: 9:00am Flow: all levels vinyasa, Sojourn Healing Collective in Golden Hill


From my experience witnessing and supporting birth as a Doula, I recognize birth as the ultimate expression of yoga. The whole process from pregnancy through to postpartum invites you into a profound relationship with self. The yoga mat is a beautiful place to cultivate that relationship by practicing deep presence and witness consciousness, communicating with the body through the breath, and deep inner listening. When it comes to sequencing the physical postures, I consider all of the unique changes and demands of the pregnant body and attempt to create support, balance, and relief. I like to remind pregnant people that they are not fragile and the best way to move safely is to turn down the pace and turn up the inner listening. The beauty of finding a prenatal specific yoga class, is that it's tailored to the phase of life you are in and every detail of class is intentionally selected to meet you where you are. My intention behind creating a prenatal class at Sojourn was to carve out a space where pregnant people can come to deeply connect with themselves, their pregnancy, and community and hopefully walk out of each class with tools for birth and beyond.

Meet Mahri Stewart

Prenatal yoga is a sacred container for pregnant people to show up exactly as they are. These classes are specifically designed to be accessible and safe for pregnant people during all phases of their pregnancy; and are there to offer community, connection, and resources for parents-to-be. The journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is one that looks completely different for every person. My goal is to be there and support each individual person by providing them with tools to help them connect with themselves on a deeper level. In each prenatal class I lead, I always offer breathwork, intentional and mindful movement, and plenty of time to rest and integrate. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to hold space for people during their pregnancy and postpartum journey; and I will continue to hold these offerings for many years to come! Along with teaching prenatal yoga, Mahri also teaches postnatal yoga, baby & me movement and yoga, and children’s yoga classes!

Mahri’s teaching schedule:

Mondays: 10:30am Yin Yoga & Sound Healing at Riffs Yoga Studios in Bird Rock

Thursdays: 4:00pm Prenatal Yoga at Sojourn Healing Collective in Golden Hill

Sundays: 10:30am Yin Yoga at Sojourn Healing Collective in Golden Hill

Prenatal Yoga Offerings in San Diego

Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga, Normal Heights

Yes Yoga Love with Yesica Rodriguez

Nature’s Whisper, North Park

Hapa Yoga (offers a Gentle Hatha Flow that is Prenatal-friendly). Mission Gorge

Mamas and Milk offers prenatal and baby & me yoga, Carmel Mountain Road

Trilogy Sanctuary, La Jolla

Buddhi Yoga, La Jolla

Sojourn Healing Collective, Golden Hill

TYTO Yoga, Pacific Beach

Namaste Fitness, Chula Vista

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