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Yoga Practices to Boost Mental Clarity & Creativity

A how-to guide to clear your mind, deepen your intuitive connection, and spark creativity. Explore 4 accessible practices focusing on breathwork, chakra meditation, the power of sound, and the beauty of nature!

Did you know we can experience 60,000-80,000 thoughts in one day?! And most of them are repetitive!  

The human mind is nothing short of amazing. It is constantly making sense of the  world around us, taking in and processing stimuli, revisiting the past and projecting what  could happen in the future. While this is necessary to some extent, for our mental health  (and let’s be real, our sanity), we need to learn ways to slow down our mind. 

How can we find moments of clarity when we are constantly bogged down by thoughts? Lucky for us, there are many tools to help us clear and calm our minds, and in return spark  inspiration, creativity, and productivity!  

In this article we will dive into 4 accessible practices to do just that! 

1. Practice Yogic Breathwork or Pranayama

Yogic breathing techniques are amazing tools for our nervous system and  mental health. I’m going to describe one of many breathing techniques, and if this  interests you, I suggest researching or inquiring from an experienced teacher to bring other breathing practices into your life. 

Equal ratio breathing is a simple and powerful way to soothe your nervous  system and clear your mind. Our breath is a direct access point to our nervous system,  and deep breathing stimulates our vagus nerve that tells our being that we can rest,  digest, and heal.  

To practice equal ratio breathing now, let’s pick a count of 5. Inhale for 1-2-3-4-5, and exhale for 1-2-3-4-5. Repeat a few rounds, and you will begin to feel its effects. As you get more comfortable you can play with the count to suit your needs. 

2. Take a Walk in Nature

How simple is this? Step outside, walk around, and notice the beauty of the world  around you. Whether you are surrounded by nature or in the middle of a city, be open to  finding beauty: the flower blooming through the cracks of the sidewalk, the sun washing  upon your face, or the sound of a bird chirping. 

Among many other benefits, walking in nature can improve mood, self-esteem,  and boost creative inspiration. So what are you waiting for? Go take a walk! 

3. Experience a Sound Bath 

In a sound bath you are relaxing into the experience of different frequencies and  vibrations from a variety of instruments. Many instruments (ie: crystal singing bowls or  gongs) have specific frequencies that can alter your brainwave state into a state of healing and deep meditation. These sounds not only help calm and center you, but they can also invite a sense of intuitive connection and deep inner stillness. Sound baths are  becoming increasingly popular and available! You can find many recordings online or  possibly find an in-person event in San Diego. Both virtual and in-person will provide you with benefits. Here is a link to a free sound bath I recorded if you want to try it out. 

4. Meditating on the Sacral Chakra  

Our sacral chakra is, among other things, our energetic center of creativity. Here  is a simple way to meditate on this energy center to cultivate more creativity in your life: Close your eyes and focus your awareness on the space below your belly button, your  lower back, and your hips. Picture a wheel or orb of energy that is glowing a beautiful shade of orange. Breathe with this color and this energy and repeat to yourself  “creativity flows freely through me”. The length of your session is up to you and how it  feels. 

orange graphic of six petaled lotus to represent the sacral chakra

As you become more familiar with these practices, introduce your newfound  creativity and begin to alter them to make them more “you”. We are all unique beings  with unique needs. These practices are meant to be just that: stepping stones to  discovering your own unique self-care practices! 

Dedicate some time to trying these out, and watch how a simple act of self-care can ripple its benefits through you, your personal life, and your work.  

Meet SDYN contributor, Nazli Takesh! Nazli’s specialities lie in yoga asana, pranayama/breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and sound healing. Nazli has been training teachers for years so thrives in spaces of teaching and guiding.

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